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Arrested Man Orders Cop 5 Pizzas From Jail, Still Gets Stiffed

July 20, 2014 // 10:57 pm

There are few appropriate ways to act when you’re in the process of being arrested. Especially If you’re caught shoplifting. But Michael Harp, a 29 year old from Kentucky, did something pretty unexpected after getting booked for stealing. When he was given permission to make a call…

Watch This Guy Cry/Eat/Destory a Watermelon, Skin and All

July 18, 2014 // 11:56 am

Don’t try this at home kids. Unless, you know, you want to feel gross for days and forever ruin your love of vodka-soaked watermelon. But if the several-second long burp about seven minutes in, or the look of sheer agony about halfway through this video doesn’t deter you, then…

NEW BRUNCH IDEA: Sparkling Tomato Booze

July 18, 2014 // 11:30 am

Mmmmm summer. Time for tomatoes, sunshine, and plenty of fizzy cold drinks. But, um, why not mix all three into one epic summer adventure? If you’re a fan of tomatoes, or tomato juice, we might have just the thing. There’s a new drink in Japan…

Time-Lapse of Ice Cream Melting is Oddly Therapeutic

July 18, 2014 // 12:31 am

There’s something sad about getting that much-needed bowl of freezing-cold ice cream on a hot summer day, then having it melt faster than you can eat it into gloop at the bottom of your bowl. Which is why there’s some deeply primal satisfaction in watching this frosty treat reverse-melt.…

Burweedo: Restaurant Serves Hemp Burrito made with Churros

July 11, 2014 // 11:01 am

If you’ve ever wanted to mix your — ahem — “extracurricular activities” with your burrito obsession, get yourself to a Tijuana Flats.  They’re rolling out some new burritos made with hemp tortillas.  Hemp is a variety of cannabis plant, and while these tasty lunch creations won’t give…

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