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The Mall is Dying because American Teenagers are Spending More Money on Food than Clothing

April 17, 2014 // 12:06 pm

In the 90s (circa Saved by the Bell years), you could find pretty much every Amercian teenager hanging at the mall.  Now, these behemoth bricks of consumerism are fading out and being replaced with a new cash cow: restaurants. Unable to keep up with cheaper online prices,…

Existential Popsicle GIFs Melt to Reveal Depressing Jokes, Will Ruin Your Childhood

April 17, 2014 // 12:24 am

Remember those great popsicles you’d eat in the summer that you’d eagerly lick away to find the answer to the riddle printed on the stick? Yeah? Well get ready to have your childhood ruined thanks to these cold-hearted popsicle sticks.

“Schadenfreezers” are existential popsicle GIFS…

Watch Hipsters Being the Worst at Ordering Coffee [Video]

April 16, 2014 // 12:08 am

From the same guys responsible for Hipsters Love Beer – an insanely accurate take on bar folk — comes a fabulous parody on the worst best people you’ll run into at a coffee shop.  Nachopunch delivers an especially entertaining comedy on patrons ordering double soy lattes with extra vanilla…

How Pringles Are Made [Bad News: They're 2/3 Potato Flakes]

April 13, 2014 // 9:03 pm

Ever wanted to know how Pringles are made? Apparently someone in the eighties already did the leg work for you. This delightfully vintage film goes through the entire process of the classic tube we know so well.  From making the tube itself to the full journey of…

This Chocolate-Flavored Toothpaste Will Make You $100 Poorer

April 10, 2014 // 6:00 am

Are you willing to pay up to $100 for chocolate flavored toothpaste? Theodent thinks so. The oral care company’s toothpaste is made with a patented substance derived from the cacao plant.  The substance, called rennou, is supposedly non-toxic, safe for kids, and not harmful if swallowed. Best…

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