This USB Powered Microwave Will Heat Up Your Sad Desk Lunch


Sad desk lunchers, there is a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Gone are the days of cold leftovers, soggy sandwiches, and soup heated up in the company microwave that’s only lukewarm because Jane from the cubicle next door kept giving you the stink-eye. Luckily, someone dreamed up a desktop microwave, and we need one ASAP.


Designed by Steve Gates, a London-based designer, the “Brainwave” is intended to help people focus on their work by eliminating a trip to the company mess hall. But for those of us who simply want a hot meal, it’s a great, compact way to heat up your leftovers.



Even better, the microwave is powered through a USB, so all you have to do is plug in to your computer, grab a napkin and get ready to chow down. The microwave recognizes the size of a frozen meal placed inside, and will heat it at the right level for the appropriate time. At the moment, the Brainwave is still in its ambiguous concept phase. No word yet on whether you can put a sandwich, some soup, or mom’s lasagna in there, but we’re definitely willing to give it a try.


H/T Behance