This Topographic Tea Tray Has 'Lake' Drains for Spilled Tea


Here in the states we probably don’t take tea as seriously as we should. And why don’t we? It’s delicious, healthy, and good for you without making you too much of a caffeine addict, and makes you sound delightfully pretentious when you tell your friends about your hybrid English/Oolong blend harvested from on high in the mountains, watered by jaguar tears (or something like that).



But if you do want to take your tea seriously, try out this topographical tea tray.  The gorgeous wood tray is carved to look like a topographical map, with drains leading down to a “lake” in the center  in case you spill tea. With little indentations for your teapot and assorted cups, it’s a unique and beautiful way to display that fancy stuff you’ve been telling your friends about for months. Just try not to be too froufrou about it.



Confluence, $1,700 @artonomos