Arrested Man Orders Cop 5 Pizzas From Jail, Still Gets Stiffed


There are few appropriate ways to act when you’re in the process of being arrested. Especially If you’re caught shoplifting. But Michael Harp, a 29 year old from Kentucky, did something pretty unexpected after getting booked for stealing. When he was given permission to make a call on his cell phone, he supposedly ordered five pizzas to be delivered to “Officer Wilson,” the officer who arrested him.

Police tracked the call back to Harp’s cell phone but didn’t give him the reaction he might have been hoping for. Instead, they added additional charges to his shoplifting, including identity theft, theft by deception, and impersonating a police officer. So much for a good deed going unpunished. Harp does not yet have an attorney, but here’s to hoping that he doesn’t get too aggressively charged for his (maybe) well-intentioned gesture.