NEW BRUNCH IDEA: Sparkling Tomato Booze


Mmmmm summer. Time for tomatoes, sunshine, and plenty of fizzy cold drinks. But, um, why not mix all three into one epic summer adventure? If you’re a fan of tomatoes, or tomato juice, we might have just the thing. There’s a new drink in Japan called Toma Toma and if the name didn’t give it away, we will. Toma Toma, made by Suntory, is sparkling tomato juice, but with a twist; it contains about 4% alcohol. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Or maybe you did, you sneaky mom.

Toma Toma advertises itself as a “simple and stylish” soda, fusing “tomato sweetness and soda water” for a refreshing combination. But honestly, let’s be real here, because we’re all thinking one thing and one thing only. Sparkling Bloody Mary’s, a Caprese salad, and maybe some bacon on a stick. Sounds a perfect summer picnic and/or day drinking session to us.