These Waffles Topped With Things Like Cake, Ice Cream, and Lollipops Are The Definition of Extra

If I had to choose between waffles or pancakes for the rest of my life, waffles would emerge victorious. The versatility of a waffle makes it a blank canvas for chefs, artists, and sugar fiends to create something truly magical. Waffle fans looking to experience that bit of magic, paired with a splash of decadence and a pinch whimsy, will want to check out Clinton Hall's lavish WTF Waffles in New York City.

Don't expect a mere waffle topped with some whipped cream and sprinkles. No, not at the popular Instagram-friendly restaurant and beer hall, where their innovative takes on the breakfast dish are truly a sight to behold.


Our crew on the ground got to sink their teeth into three of the most stunning stacks offered at the restaurant: the German Chocolate Waffle, the Birthday Cake Waffle, and the Elvis Waffle.

The German Chocolate Waffle boasts layers of chocolate waffles, toasted coconut, and chocolate ice cream before it's topped with whipped cream, coconut caramel drizzle, and a generous hunk of German chocolate cake.


Celebrate even the most mundane of weekdays with the Birthday Cake Waffle. This thing is filled with marshmallow fluff, vanilla ice cream, and a raspberry drizzle. To complete the theme, the loaded waffle is crowned with a slice of lollipops, birthday candles, and a slice of funfetti cake.

Creating an Elvis version of anything already has our mouths watering. In his prime, The King was known to craft peanut butter and banana sandwiches with slices of bacon. Clinton Hall's interpretation of an Elvis sandwich, the Elvis Waffle, features peanut butter and jelly, banana ice cream, and crispy bacon. It's crowned with a dark chocolate cake, bananas, and a pair of souvenir sunglasses — the final result teasing his likeness.

Salivating over these massive waffle stacks, I'm torn between which ones I want to try if I ever get around to visiting Clinton Hall. Guess I could always bring a few friends and go family style. Leaning hard towards that Elvis Waffle,  though. There's just something about the sweet and salty combination of bacon and peanut butter that sings to me.