This Restaurant Just Stuffed Sausages With A TURDUCKEN For The Holidays

turducken dog

Before Frankenfoods became an everyday thing and everything was bacon-stuffed, there was the Turducken. The classic dish consisted of a turkey, duck and chicken harmoniously stuffed together in one being.

California-based hot dog dealers, Dog Haus, have taken that concept and made a pretty fowl hot dog out of it.

The sausage is like a Thanksgiving miracle, made with turkey, chicken, duck, fresh herbs, whiskey soaked cranberries and yams. Then the sausage is topped with sage gravy, a Brussels sprouts & bacon slaw, and crispy onions, all inside a classic King's Hawaiian hot dog bun.


The Turducken will only be around throughout the month of November and will be available at every one of Dog Haus' locations throughout California, Arizona and Colorado.

John Madden would certainly be proud.