For $12 You Can Eat ANY TGI Friday's Appetizer, As Many Times As You Want


TGI Friday's gave us endless appetizers before, but there was that one annoying stipulation that you could only get an endless amount of one appetizer. So if you ordered potato skins, you would have only been able to eat an endless amount of potato skins.

Friday's cut that mess out and made it so you can get an endless choice of the appetizers you want in the same sitting.

That means for $12 you can start off with mozzarella sticks, jump to boneless chicken wings and keep it rolling with potato skins if you so choose. You can keep that strategy going until you're full, or die. Whichever comes first.


The full list of appetizers includes loaded potato skins, mozzarella sticks, boneless Buffalo wings in Memphis BBQ and Sriracha flavors, spicy chicken tostadas, garlic and basil bruschetta, BBQ chicken flatbread and pan-seared pot stickers.

Select Chicago and Brooklyn locations will actually be open 24/7, taking the endless appetizers to the next level if you're willing to live at TGI Friday's. Those locations will also be offering free appetizers to first responders from 2am to 11am. So police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians working those late shifts will be able to eat free appetizers until March 2.

Sounds pretty good. Now make endless Jack Daniels baby back ribs happen.