The Teriyaki Cheesesteak Burrito: California's Answer To The Philly Cheesesteak

Sometimes, something as simple as adding cheese to any food can make a huge difference.

Ninjas With Appetite in Santa Ana, CA is known for their teriyaki bowls, tacos, and burritos. But as of a couple of weeks ago, they added a Teryiaki Cheesesteak burrito to their menu.


It all started a couple of weeks ago when I walked into their restaurant for lunch and couldn't decide what I wanted. I wanted to try something different and was indecisive, when store owner Marc Vergel de Dios, who always likes experimenting on the spot, suggested I try their teriyaki steak burritos with added American cheese.

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The end result was a beautiful Teriyaki Cheesesteak that melted my heart.


Their burritos were already pretty fire, so adding cheese just made it that much more enjoyable.

While Philadelphia is famous for its Philly Cheesesteaks, maybe California will be known for the teriyaki cheesesteak one day.