Tastee Tape is the Edible Solution to Poorly Wrapped Burritos

Photo: Tyler Guarino


Created by four US engineering students for a product design course at Baltimore’s John Hopkins University, Tastee Tape is the ingenious answer to poorly wrapped burritos. Anyone who’s had their fair share of burritos, knows to keep a fork handy for the leftover guts. 

Wrapping a burrito is actually a real skill set. The structural integrity can easily be compromised for a number of reasons: too much stuffing, thin tortillas or just plain ol’ bad wrapping. Whatever the case, how well the wrapping job is done lies mostly in the hands of the burrito wrapper.

Tyler Guarino, Erin Walsh, Marie Eric and Rachel Nie are the four masterminds behind Tastee Tape, getting inspiration from a time Walsh was eating a burrito and the tortilla fell open. The burrito-plosion hit at an opportune moment as the four were still unsure what their product design submission would be. Walsh immediately knew it was a problem her team could create a solution for.


Months were spent studying 50 different types of adhesives to figure out the best translation to an edible tape. To accomplish this, they established three main criteria points; it needed to be clear, colorless, taste and texture-less. The result is gluten free and vegan friendly.

For use, Tastee Tape requires that you remove it from a wax paper sheet, wet it, then apply it to the wrap of your choice. They hope to one day use it on a roll like regular tape. 

The four engineering students graduated on Monday and plan to continue developing Tastee Tape.