Taco Bell Brings Back Tortadas That Now Feature Their Naked Chicken Chips

Naked Chicken has been nothing short of a success for Taco Bell. From the Chalupas to the chips served with nacho cheese sauce, the crispy, spicy poultry has been a hit with fans nationwide. Taco Bell is now bringing the Naked Chicken Chips back in a form some longtime Taco Bell patrons may recognize: their Tortadas.

tortadasPhoto: Foodbeast // Constantine Spyrou

For those unfamiliar, the Tortada is kinda like a cross between a torta and a burrito. It was on menus back in 2010, but hasn't been around for a few years after it was discontinued.

Shaped like a square, it consists of a tortilla loaded with ingredients, folded up, and pressed like a panini.


Taco Bell's two new test versions, the Avocado Ranch, and Mango Habanero Chicken Tortadas utilize Naked Chicken Chips as their protein source. Apart from the sauces that give each variant their name, each is built the same, consisting of four Chicken Chips, lettuce, cheddar, pico de gallo, and red tortilla strips.

While the actual tortadas are pretty hefty, the price is reasonable at $2.49 per wrap. That's a pretty solid price to get a full, on-the-go meal.

Both versions of the Tortadas will be available September 13, at Taco Bell locations in Kansas City, Missouri, and will be on the menu through mid-October.