Gordon Ramsay's Pad Thai Gets Ripped By Thai Chef [WATCH]

French chef Eric Ripert told ABC News, Wednesday, that he is not a fan of shows where chefs such as Gordon Ramsay yell and create a hostile work environment. While not naming Ramsay, specifically, he did say:

We shouldn’t be proud of chefs who are screaming in the kitchen and I’m always thinking of that TV show, Hell’s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, that promote this behavior of screaming at people, insulting them and humiliating them.”

That got us to thinking, while Ramsay has created a reputation for ripping people in his kitchens, has he himself ever been ripped?

Lo and behold, back in 2009, there was an episode of the F-Word, where Gordon cooked his heart out, and still failed in the eyes of executive chef of The Blue Elephant, referred to on the episode as "Chang," who was helping Ramsay.


It's not very often we get to see Gordon Ramsay struggle in the kitchen, mostly because his shows are edited that way, but by the time the fiery chef was done with his Pad Thai dish, he was hit with a rude:

"This is not Pad Thai at all," Chef Chang admonished. "Pad Thai has to be sweet, sour, and salty."

Gordon then tried to save himself by saying the dish tastes pretty good, but Chef Chang didn't backpeddle one bit, responding with, "... for you, but not for me."

The dude was straight savage with Ramsay, showing that even the great Michelin-starred chef has been ripped for his cooking.


Even then, Chang didn't yell at Ramsay, which left room for constructive criticism, something Ramsay could probably express a little better in his shows.

Peep the vid below: