A Pop Tart-Stuffed Doughnut for Those Who Don't Fear Cavities


The battle for a well-balanced breakfast has always hinged between two combatants: Pop Tarts and Donuts. The folks at OC Donut Bar decided enough tears have been shed in making such a difficult decision. As a solution, they've created an amalgam of the two breakfast pastries aptly titled "Big Poppa Pop Tart Donut."

Now you may think it's just a jelly-filled donut dressed to look like a Pop Tart. Nope. Each Pop Tart Donut features an entire toaster pastry stuffed inside. Talk about a hearty breakfast treat.


You might remember OC Donut Bar for dropping their infamous Monte Cristo Donut.

OC Donut Bar


18011 Newhope St.

Fountain Valley, CA