Snickers Really Screwed Up The Photoshop In This Ad With More Than 10 Fails


We all get a good laugh out of spotting terrible Photoshop mistakes in newspapers, magazines, or any Ad really, so Snickers had a little fun with their latest Ad with some of the worst, intentionally bad Photoshop you'll see.

Sticking with their, "You aren't yourself when you're hungry" marketing, they poked fun at designers, saying, "Retouchers get confused when they're hungry" and completely destroying a photo of a young woman in a bikini.

Snickers told Adweek that there are 11 mistakes. Some are obvious, some are not that easy to spot. I tried to find them all, but the last few weren't easy to spot. I thought maybe her heel fading into the sand was one of them, but maybe her elbow is pointing the wrong way. Either way, if you think they're wrong, screw it. Try to figure them out yourself below:



If they ever screw up an Ad in the future, they'll probably point back at this and leave a funny Tweet about how the designer was hungry, but until then, pretty clever Ad, Snickers.