Oreo Is Doing The Most With 'The Most Oreo Oreo'


TBH, you had me at Oreo.

The new "The Most Oreo Oreo" is that classic, authentic cookie you hate to love but with a remarkable variation of cookies & cream-flavored creme stuffed in the middle — made from real Oreos. So an Oreo-flavored Oreo. It's Oreoception. These cookies are full of themselves. Literally.

The cookies & cream flavor will be packed to the "Most Stuf" level, which has more creme than any other Oreo variety — ever. My sugar just went up writing this. It's an Oreo on steroids. They should just skip the cookie altogether and just jar the creme.


The cookie debuts as Oreo unveils a themed virtual world called the "Oreoverse." This becomes the most playful cookie yet by scanning the QR code on the pack which allows you to explore, play games, and win prizes. As if this whole thing wasn't thrilling enough, they hit up none other than Martha Stewart (and her gardener) to help with the launch. The devil works hard but Martha Stewart works harder. I stan.

On January 30, the longtime brand fan and home cooking icon will stream an inside look at the Oreoverse experience on Oreo's social channels. Martha Stewart (and her gardener) will be going live that same morning at 10am EST. I'm sorry but I'm so distracted by the fact it's her and... her gardener? I need context.

Oreo's newest, limited edition flavor is available for pre-order on and will be available in stores beginning January 30. Personally I think they finally hit the right ratio of creme to cookie but missed the perfect opportunity to name it a "Moreo."

I'll be waiting for my residuals.