New Red Velvet Oreos Are Coming Just in Time to Impress Your Valentine


It just feels like this was already a thing. Oreo has come out with crazy flavors like root beer float, caramel apple and limeade, so hearing that a red velvet flavor has barely been unleashed onto the world definitely makes you do a double take. Especially when fake flavors, like fried chicken Oreos, tease us and get us all excited for nothing.

Red velvet is true though, and it is brand new.


Oreo teased the new flavor a bit on their Facebook page yesterday when they put up a picture of a glass of pink milk, looking a lot like strawberry Nesquik, and captioned it, "Hey milk, you're blushing! What do you know that we don't?"


Today, they posted that same glass of milk, this time with the grand reveal of the red velvet cookies right next to it and a link to a contest where you can win a free package of the new Oreos.


According to USA Today, the Red Velvet Oreos are going to hit store shelves on February 2, conveniently in time for Valentine's Day.

So if you have your eye on a special someone, seal the deal with a package of Oreos. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.