Caramel Apple Oreos Are Real and Set to Hit Target Stores


Oreo aficionados will be pleased to hear that there will now be an official Caramel Apple flavor for the lovable cookie brand. Brand Eating reports via Target CMO Jeff Jones that the cookies will be sold in Target stores this week. Unlike tackling a caramel apple, however, each cookie will have an equal caramel-to-apple ratio within each bite. Well, at least the flavor anyways.


Exclusive only to Target, the cookies will comprise of half caramel cream and half green apple cream between two vanilla Oreo cookies. The layout of the half-and-half cream will be similar to the Root Beer cookies released a month ago. While we're still fuming over the Fried Chicken Oreos hoax, it's great to see them roll out so many new flavors over the past summer.

A pack of Caramel Apple Oreos will be available in 12.2 oz and sold for approximately $2.99. No word yet on how long they'll stay stocked on store shelves, though if we have to guess, probably no more than a few limited months.