McDonald's Comes After Starbucks With New McCafe Upgrades


Now that McDonald's pretty much has their breakfast game locked down, the fast food chain is coming for Starbucks. According to Bloomberg, McDonald's is now focusing all of their attention on improving their McCafe line.

Aside from freshly brewed coffee, McDonald's has an entire menu dedicated to caffeinated beverages since 2001. Beverages served included lattes, mochas, hot chocolates, and iced coffees.


McDonald's Corp. announced that they'll be reintroducing their McCafe concept early next year, with coffee made from sustainable resources similar to Starbucks' business model.

A huge factor in McDonald's new model will be special pricing for beverages: $1 drip coffee and $2 small specialty drinks. These prices, stacked against Starbucks' $2.10 drips and $4.25 specialty drinks, are less than half the cost of the Seattle based coffee empire.

Expect to see the changes sometime in early 2017.