The 'Death Metal' Of Water Is Here To Disrupt Bottled Water

Upon receiving a can of Liquid Death Mountain Water, I was almost triggered to grab the nearest sharp object to pierce a hole right through the can and shotgun the thing like it was 21-year-old-me back from the dead. Completely unnecessary when it comes to consuming water, sure, but the fact that the healthiest beverage in the world would illicit such a feeling is fascinating enough for something that's been near impossible to market as exciting.


And that very feeling, where senses are jarred and curiosity is piqued, is the kind of disruption that Liquid Death is aiming for when it comes to shaking things up in the water industry. On its website, the question is raised (along with a healthy and refreshing dose of self-awareness): "Why should unhealthy products be the only brands with “permission” to be loud, fun, and weird? Besides, all marketing and branding is bullshit. So we’re going to take ours less seriously and have more fun with it."

Beyond the marketing that looks to engage consumers head on and lift bottled water from the depths of boredom, Liquid Death also addresses how the plastic bottles that we are drinking water from aren't actually recyclable and wind up in the ocean after all. So besides a bit of entertainment, the brand also equips consumers with environmental awareness and healthy benefits. Sounds like a win on all fronts, right? But how about the taste?


Don't worry, the water doesn't have any metallic hints in flavor, despite being served up in aluminum cans. And actually, a cold, tall can of Liquid Death adds that extra oomph and satisfaction one gets from pounding an icy can of beer.

As for particulars, Liquid Death is 100% natural, non-carbonated mountain water sourced from the Austrian Alps. Its motto is #DeathToPlastic, because aluminum cans are made up of over 70% recycled material and infinitely recyclable (plastic bottles are only 3% recyclable).

If you're looking for the most refreshing shotgunned beverage ever, Liquid Death is currently sold on Amazon and at select retail locations.