This Australian Diner Purposely Gives Rude Service So Customers Can Unleash Their Inner 'Karen'

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"Our staff are rude, our manners are non existent and we're the perfect place for Karen's every-where to vent their anger and dismay at the world. Come on, ask for the manager...WE DARE YOU."

Karen's Diner, a chain of restaurants in Australia — with one location recently opening in the UK — gets a lot of buzz and heat for being rude to their guests on purpose.

It's all in good fun and for a unique dining experience says the restaurant, as it means to poke fun at "Karens." These days, the term "Karen" is pejorative slang that refers to uptight, middle-aged white women who love to cause a scene and ask for the manager or contact authorities at the slightest inconvenience. If a "Karen" doesn't get her way, prepare for some cringe-worthy, entitlement-laden ruckus.


The above TikTok clip, which has garnered over 2.6 million views, shows a waitress at Karen's Diner grabbing a microphone and calling out a vegan patron for all the restaurant to hear, then encouraging other diners to boo the individual.


"You're a piece of shit, grow up, eat some meat, yeah? It'll make you more tolerable as a person," sneered the waitress.

If you've got some thick skin or are down to channel your inner "Karen" energy, then you'll be pleased to know that it'll be all worth it for the great meal you'll be served. Karen's Diner's website states, "We also make some kick-ass burgers, wings, fries and well most things that are cholesterol heavy."

Now is there food out there good enough to endure shit service and getting your self-esteem absolutely mollywhopped?

Feature photo: Karen's Diner