JEFF’S TABLE: Foodbeast Docu Series Returns With Instant Ramen In A Cup

It’s time to pull up a seat at Jeff’s Table again, where the food is always the focus.

This time, we dive straight into a steamy cup of chicken noodle soup perfection. Join us as we indulge in the one and only Original Cup Noodles from Nissin.


It’s easy to fall in love with this classic-yet-modern take on chicken noodle soup. With its portability and different flavors, this dish is full of possibilities, but perfect just the way it is. And with Nissin’s new recipe, there’s still that same great taste, just with less sodium, and no added MSG. Whatever that is.  

However, as Jeff points out, the preparation can be a grueling process—but the reward is always worth the wait.   

There’s something about this dish that has made it an instant classic, and it’s still highly touted as one of the most recognizably delicious renditions of chicken noodle soup ever created.

It’s easy to see how much Jeff appreciates this new, yet timeless recipe. The comforting warmth of some “hot, steamy noods,” is something we can all relate to—and that’s what makes it so satisfying and special.


It’s also nice to know we can heat up some water, have some time to chat and always feel like we’re eating with an old friend, especially when it’s at Jeff’s Table.

Created in partnership with the Original Cup Noodles from Nissin