JEFF’S TABLE: New Foodbeast Docu Series Makes Average Food Beautiful

Here at FOODBEAST we're not about food reviews. We're about food. Getting up close and personal with our food is a prerequisite before consumption. Food and us? That relationship's Facebook official. And if you're not at that personal level yet with your meals, then hurry up and put a ring on that entree.

With that said, it's worth noting that when food is judged or critiqued on some over-the-top, what-culinary-school-did-you-go-to?-scale, we lose interest quickly. Chances are, the average person does, too.

Food is important, and it shouldn't matter what you're cooking to make people want to have the same freak-in-the-sheets relationship with their food — like we do, with ours. Why should the guy cooking top ramen with bacon bits and Flamin' Hot Cheetos in his dorm room be looked at any differently than the Michelin-starred chef making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before bed?



Pull up a seat at Jeff's Table. Where it doesn't matter what we're cooking, as long as you're making what you love to eat. It doesn't even matter if you use a microwave. In fact, it's encouraged.

Jeff's Table is a new FOODBEAST documentary series that looks at food from the eyes of an average person. Yet, it's seasoned liberally with satirical perspective on taking a popular concept from Chef's Table and making it FOODBEAST approved.



"We love everything about Chef's Table, from the slo-motion shots to the beautiful close-ups and story behind the dishes," David Ma, FOODBEAST's director for this project said.

"We also love microwave burritos and PB&J sandwiches, so we set out to give them the same love as all those Michelin star dishes."

The first episode of Jeff's Table features an in-depth look at the gorgeous simplicity of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on basic-ass white bread. It looks amazing.

Brb, making a PBJ.