Your Favorite Food Trucks Are Now In Hot Pocket Form

Food Truck Spicy Asian-Style Beef

Hot Pockets created an all-new line of products, inspired by the food truck craze. The company teamed up with Los Angeles and Chicago food trucks, Komodo, The Lobos Truck, Baby’s Burgers and Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery. Each package has the flavors' co-creation story.

The bites are available in four flavors, and the sandwiches in two.  The bite flavors consist of Triple Cheesy Bacon Melt Bites, created with The Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery;  Smokin' Bacon BBQ Recipe Burger Bites, created with Baby's Burgers; Fiery Jalapeno Lime Chicken Rollers, created with the Lobos Truck; and Spicy Asian Style Beef Rollers, created with the Komodo Truck.   The roller bites are a packed mini spring roll.  Fiery Jalapeno Lime Chicken and Spicy Asian Style Beef are also available as sandwiches.

In a press release, the Nestle Pizza and Snacking Division president said the idea was inspired as a way to bring both international flavors and food truck cuisine into homes. "Based on the explosion of these trends and the popularity of mobile eating, we wanted to give consumers a delicious and creative new product that brings food truck cuisine to life in their own kitchens,” said John Carmichael.

The line is available nationwide for $5.99 for Food Truck Bites bags and $2.29 for boxes of two Food Truck Sandwiches.