Guy Hilariously Quits Dunkin Donuts via Instagram, Situation 'too Real' to Post on Facebook


Anyone working in fast food has imagined dozens of different scenarios in which they would quit their jobs. Social media is probably lower down that tier of scenarios for most. However, for one Dunkin' Donuts employee, it was the only way he saw fit to quit.

Instagram user wrush23 posted an eloquent tender of resignation on the social media channel regarding his job at Dunkin' Donuts.

The alleged former employee had been working at the establishment for about four years, posting that in that time he's brought great service, care and dedication to the donut brand. He's even changed a few lives, apparently.


Because a situation like this is much too serious for such cavalier social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, wrush23 felt it needed to be posted on Instagram. The cherry on top of his resignation? The single hashtag #RNS.


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