Gordon Ramsay's Hit Show 'The F Word' Is FINALLY Coming to The US


Gordon Ramsay's claim to fame in the United States has always been Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, two hit reality TV shows that showcase the hardass side of the Michelin-star chef - but also shows a softer, more personable side.


The Gordon Ramsay we all know and love originated in the UK with a massive hit series called The F Word. Many of his most viral clips come from that show, like the time he got blasted by a chef while making Pad Thai, or when he showed us how to cook the perfect steak.

Many Gordon Ramsay fans have hoped that The F Word would eventually make it to the United States. Their wish is officially coming true this summer - and it's going to be the most extravagant and fun show that Gordon Ramsay has done in the United States.


Chef Ramsay posted a video to his Facebook page along with the announcement that FOX would begin airing the show sometime this summer. According to an official release from FOX, the show will consist of hour-long episodes that feature a live culinary competition between two teams of four amateur "foodie families". During the competition, Gordon will also be interviewing surprise guests in the dining room, showcasing food-related adventures he goes on around the U.S., and hosting live remote sessions with people from across the country.

Basically, it's just like The F Word in the UK, but featuring home cooks and foodie lovers rather than chef brigades.

Teams that win the competition get a big cash prize, and can consist of anybody over 18 years old, according to the official casting call for the show (which is open NOW). If you wanted the chance to get your foodie team together to kick ass in a cooking competition, this would be the chance to do it.


If you choose to compete or not, the show will still be fun of Ramsay-inspired laughs, swearing, adventures, and plenty of delicious food.

And in case you were wondering...


The F stands for FOOD, you donkey!