Gordon Ramsay Teaches Butchers How To Cook The Perfect Steak [WATCH]

While the concept of the perfect steak is always based on one's personal preference, we'd like to think chef Gordon Ramsay has a pretty good idea what works. In his latest video, Ramsay teaches a group of amateur butchers how to cook a perfect steak.

While visiting his hometown in Scotland, Ramsay sets out to see if his grandfather's old butcher shop is still around. During his return, he was disappointed to see the demise of the humble butcher shop. Most folks he spoke with get their meat from supermarket chains and the youths no longer aspire to take up the noble profession.


Ramsay goes to the a local college that offers a butchery course. There, he meets a group of young teenage butchers that are learning the butchery trade. Knowing how to cut a perfect steak isn't enough, though. You gotta know how to cook it.

The chef shows these amateur butchers the key basics to cooking steak. Check out the video.