This Chinese Restaurant Awards Free Meals To Skinny Patrons

We've seen promotions where people dress up like cows or even utter a certain phrase to obtain a deal, but this might be the first time we've seen a restaurant make customers squeeze their way into free food.

Mr Zhao La Chufang in eastern China has a metal gate at the entrance where each opening is smaller than the last.

If a customer can squeeze through the smallest set of bars, they earn a free meal and beer.


That gap is about 6 inches, and according to owner Zhao Lang, only women have been able to get through and earn a free meal, according to Weird Wild World.

If you get through the 7-inch gap, you can still get yourself five free beers, which sounds better than the grand prize. The gap next to that is about 10 inches, which is way easier, and can still win you a free beer.

That next gap is almost 12 inches wide, and comes with more of an insult than anything, with the sign atop reading, "Your figure is just average, you shouldn't ask for more." The last tier is the easiest to get through, and all that earns you is another snarky sign that reads, "Are you sure you should be drinking beer?"


Lang claims that the challenge first started because the pollen outside forced them to leave the door open halfway, leading customers to squeezing in through the door.

That somehow translated into an obstacle course for its diners.

Lang also said that this isn't so much fat shaming, but a way for people to be more mindful of their eating habits.

I'm not sure if that would fly here in the U.S., but Chinese restaurants has been known to reward guests by their appearance in the past. There was the restaurant that scanned customer faces and gave out free meals to those deemed "pretty." There was also the Chinese restaurant that rewarded both its big and thin customers.

It's an interesting gimmick, to say the least, and it doesn't look like anyone's feelings are hurt, since it's voluntary. I'd still like to see a chubby-friendly promotion, though.