This Chinese Restaurant Gives Free Meals to Pretty People


A restaurant in Zhengzhou, China is stirring up controversy for it’s “pay by face” policy where good looking people eat for free.


The hot pot restaurant, whose name we translated to “Good looking people get free meals,” employs a council of people from a local plastic surgery clinic who judge patrons brave enough to scan their faces on the restaurant’s computer.



Based on the judges, it might be right to consider this a “people who’ve had plastic surgery eat for free” dining establishment.


The board details the rubric for what is good looking — having the right color lips, the correct proportion between your mouth and nose, a pointy nose, and a decent gap between your eyes and eyebrows might just land you a free meal.


The top five “good looking” people in 30-minutes are offered a free meal, and scores are posted publicly on the second floor of the restaurant.



Sometimes it pays to be good looking. Other times, society is just horrible for allowing plastic surgeons to dictate the standards for what is good looking or not for something as dumb as free hot pot. Still, who would test their face out at this restaurant?


Written by NextShark's Sebastian Dillon || Source: Shanghaiist