Chinese Restaurant Only Offering Discounts to Fat Men and Thin Women


China, how do I love thee? Let me the count the ways: you gave the world Mei Aicai, who by all accounts should have had a mediocre life — except that he was too dumb to know it and so instead ended up in Ukraine (the one in Africa) playing ping pong and marrying a blonde babe. He’s the real-life Chinese Forrest Gump. I love thee because one of your companies was audacious enough to accuse Apple of ripping off their Apple rip-off. I love thee because your one percent is smart enough to pawn your rotten, although entertaining, progeny off on the rest of us.

And now, as reported by CRI English, your restaurants are offering discounts based on diners’ weight.



A restaurant in Chongqing has begun a promotion that discounts food for fat men and skinny women. For male customers that weight over 140 kilograms (almost 310 pounds), meals are gratis. Basically, the restaurant’s reward to fat customers is to get them fatter — did I say I love China already?



Female diners, however, have it different (because, you know, Chinese women usually have it the same in China). The less a female customer weighs, the bigger the discount offered to her. If a woman is under 34.5 kilograms (76 pounds), she gets her food for free. No word on whether the restaurant will also offer free IV delivery of the meal.


Originally written by Alan Van for NextShark