Coffee Shop Expertly Trolls Customers Into Being More Polite

With app ordering, and even curbside service, big coffee shops like Starbucks keep incorporating ways to get you in and out with as little human interaction as possible. However, this little Roanoke, VA shop is encouraging the opposite.

In a hilarious attempt to get its customers to interact, or at the very least be polite, Cups Coffee & Tea put up a deal that benefited those who said more than just "One small coffee."

The deal was those who mindlessly ordered their coffee in that manner had to pay $5. If they added a please, which should be the bare minimum anyway, the coffee price reduced to $3. If the customer went all out with their barista acknowledgement with, "Hello, I'd like one small coffee please," the price dropped dramatically, to $1.75.

Not being a jerk pays off at this little coffee shop, and all it takes is a little common courtesy.