Costco Avocados Will Now Stay Fresh For Twice As Long, This Is How

Avocados are notorious for going from ripe to mushy in the blink of an eye. It leads to several tragic moments where we toss the fruit away because it is no longer usable.

We may have that problem less often now, because Costco avocados now come with some special protection that doubles the amount of time they stay ripe and fresh.

costco avocados
Photo courtesy of Apeel Sciences.


The new "Apeel avocados" are being distributed by two different companies to Costco and Harps Foods Stores in the midwestern US. They come with a special protective coating that "naturally reinforces" the outer skin, according to Apeel Sciences.

Basically, Apeel uses natural compounds from the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables to create an additional layer of protection. This can be sprayed onto foods to protect against degrading reactions like oxidation and water loss, both of which are major causes of food spoilage. Apeel's extra layer can keep avocados in their ripe phase for double the original time. Fully ripe avocados are good for about 3 to 5 days in the fridge, so you'll be getting an extra few days of shelf life with Apeel avocados.

Apeel hopes that their product will prove big in the fight against food waste and cut down on the 400 pounds of food the average American tosses every year. They're looking to make their avocados as widespread as possible fast, and while there's no specific timeline yet, a representative confirmed to Foodbeast that they're working to get them in nationwide Costcos, "hopefully very soon."