Watch This Petite Competitive Eater Chug Two Gallons Of Cooking Oil

Molly Schuyler is quickly becoming one of the most interesting competitive eaters, in the past crushing 72 ounces of Texas steak, 7 pound burritos, and even 26 Big Macs in one sitting.

While all those are impressive, she went off the rails in celebration of her 50,000 YouTube subscribers. To celebrate, she tried to consume over 50,000 calories, and decided the easiest way to do that was with canola oil, as Schuyler admitted she "always wanted to see how bad it was."

That curiosity lead to Schuyler chugging two whole gallons of cooking oil, which equaled 66,560 total calories.


As she prepped her 11 giant cups full of oil, you couldn't help but think about how unhealthy this was. Schuyler said she did not consult a physician before trying this, but does get physicals every 3-6 months, and gets blood work done if something feels wrong.

"I also advise NOBODY to do that," Schuyler said. "It was disgusting... I was about to hurl."

She got through every ounce, though, in just 1 minute and 6 seconds.

As of this writing, Molly is sitting on 54,000 subscribers, and we can only imagine what she'll do when she hits 100,000.