A Violent 50-Person Fight Broke Out At This Chuck E. Cheese's [WATCH]

Maybe Chuck E. Cheese's isn't the classiest joint in the world, but it's still a kid's indoor playground where they should feel safe.

That safe feeling was violated Sunday as a 50-man brawl erupted inside a Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese's, leading to a couple of arrests and a lot of high emotions.


The party involved was celebrating a 1-year-old's birthday, according to CBS Pittsburgh, and the fight seemed to have started over some baby daddy drama.

Two women reportedly got in an argument in the restaurant. One woman was the child's mother and the other was the father's current girlfriend. Eventually, the girlfriend started swinging at the birthday boy's daddy and police were called.

While everyone in the building probably hovered around the fight, like a baseball brawl, the kid's dad and the girlfriend were the only ones arrested in the whole mess.


The party kept going, no one was hurt, not even Chuck himself, but there were probably a lot of screaming children, which was probably worse than the fight itself.

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