How Autocorrect Completely Ruined This Girl's Birthday Cake

We've all had embarrassing moments, typing something out and our phone says, "I got you," thinking it knows exactly what we're trying to say.

In this instance, the infamous autocorrect led to a mistake cake.

According to Mashable, the cake was for Laura Seggie, who had just turned 21 and was going to celebrate with some cake.

Laura's mother asked her friend Moira to make the cake, and messaged that she wanted a "blonde girl" on top. They probably didn't know the iPhone was going to take over the conversation and replace "blonde girl" with "blind girl."


So instead of a young blonde girl in the image of Laura Seggie, the cake was topped with a young girl sitting in a red dress, holding a white cane.


Laura's sister, Emily Seggie, posted a photo of the cake to Twitter:

At least autocorrect could didn't say, "bone girl," cause the baker might have put some kind of creepy skeleton on the cake.

picthix mashable via Emily Seggie