10 of the Most Unexpected Foods You Can Find in a Vending Machine

There’s something indescribably satisfying about the vending machine experience. You insert a few coins into the slot and hear the *clink clink* of approval that grants you permission to press buttons with letters and numbers on them. Instantly after, you watch the machine work its magic in the form of a metal circle rotating slowly counterclockwise, and you hear a *thud* of fulfillment. Kneeling down and reaching your hand into the flap that opens to a 35 degree angle MAXIMUM, you retrieve your goodie and feel accomplished.

Though vending machines can bring you happiness through delicious snacks, we cannot neglect the rather odd items you can find in them. From whole pizzas and cupcakes (yum!) to live crabs (...not so yum?), here are some of the weirdest things you can find in a vending machine!

Cavi-are You Serious?

Yes, yes we are. Some may associate a bag of Hot Cheetos or M&Ms to a vending machine, but in a few Southern California shopping malls, caviar is the snack of choice. Created by Beverly Hills Caviar, the machine provides high quality and expensive caviar that attracts an assortment of people, ranging from the inquisitive shopper to chefs who integrates caviar into their dishes. We cavi-aren’t kidding about this guys — you can find this machine at the Westfield Topanga, Burbank Town Center or at Westfield Century City!

Go Green

Have you ever noticed that when you want to eat healthy, the only option available is something unhealthy? Not anymore! Located in Chicago, the Farmer’s Fridge is the perfect solution to those healthy cravings (yes, healthy cravings exist!). Starting at $8 and providing options such as proteins and sides, this vending machine will really toss your salad!

We’re Going Bananas

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Do you find yourself running low on potassium constantly? Well luckily, Japan understands your needs, k (get it)? You can find this vending machine in Tokyo, offering Dole bananas in plastic packaging! This machine is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

PepperOH YES!

No matter the time or place, we somehow are always craving pizza. People in the UK understood this craving as an opening for a new vending machine market and to make all your dreams come true. You can choose between three toppings, and your pizza will be hot and ready in just three minutes! Apparently, the pizza vending machine has made its way to America, existing at Ohio’s Xavier University. WE WANT A PIZZA THIS VENDING MACHINE ASAP!

Wine or Dine

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TBH, this wine vending machine just looks like a regular supermarket wine aisle, but we’re not ones to complain and whine about it. Located in Pennsylvania, the wine vending machine offers the reds and whites that you need. If we can have pizza vending machines and caviar ones, wine not this one too?



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Everyday can by Fry-day if you try hard enough. Find yourself a French fry vending machine and enjoy the delicious and crispy treat whenever you feel like it! These are pota-totally worth the extra calories on a cheat day, we promise.


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OMELETTE YOU FINISH THIS ARTICLE, BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT THIS VENDING MACHINE EGG-SISTS. Another Tokyo attraction, the egg vending machine provides people with cartons of eggs directly from the chicken. The price ranges from 340 to 570 yen, and the eggs are kept warm and fresh. If you’re an egg lover, this will definitely egg-cite you!

Just Throw it in the Bag(uette)

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Originating in Paris, the baguette vending machine truly rises to the occasion. The dough is partially prepared in the morning and delivered to the machine daily, to which it is stored and baked throughout the day. You can expect your fresh baguette to be in your hands in about 20 seconds, and — are you bready for this? — San Franciscans can find these machines at the Castro! If you’re a carb lover, you knead this vending machine in your life (alright, we’re going to calm dough-n with the bread puns).

Not-So-Krusty Crab

This vending machine features the Shanghai Hairy Crab, costing between $1.50 - $7.50 and is guaranteed to be alive upon vending. They’re kept at a certain temperature where the crabs go into hibernation, coming to life after you’ve inserted your money in. Why go to the ocean/the market/sleep with a random stranger to get crabs, when you can go to a vending machine in China!

The Rough Draft (Beer)

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If you’ve gone to any university in America, you’ve most likely encountered a hot cocoa or coffee vending machine, where you put your cup underneath and a concoction of caffeine comes out. Well the Japanese don’t mess around when it comes to vending a beverage. You can find a draft beer vending machine in Japan, costing about $12 a pint. Who needs a bar when you can just hit up this machine for pint night, right?! Right!