ERMAGHERD: Chocolate Chip Cookie-stuffed Cinnamon Rolls are Everything Right Now


We've covered a fair share of dessert-ception masterpieces, like the Milky Bun and Chocolate Chip Cookie Pop-Tart Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie. If there's one thing you know about us, it's that we never tire of these genius creations. The latest mind-blowing dessert concoction? Cookie Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that Nick over at Dude Foods is responsible for such perfection. He began by rolling out the cookie dough to a size that matched unrolled strips of cinnamon roll dough (a lot of rolling went on here). Each cookie part was placed on top of its cinnamon-y brethren, rolled up and placed on a baking sheet.The spirals baked for about 13 minutes, then got drizzled with frosting -- ensuring ooey gooey sugary action:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cinnamon Rolls


Words can't even describe how amazingly deliciously fantastically incredible these bad boys would smell, let along taste. Bravo, Nick.

Picthx Dude Foods