'Got Milk' Slogan Changed to 'Milk Life,' a Nation Weeps

Milk Life Logo

Growing up, some of the best ads I remember have been for Got Milk. Opening magazines and seeing your favorite celebrity with that signature milk mustache and the famous "Got Milk?" tag every month was a constant in my adolescence. Like everything else from the '90s , however, it's soon to be a distant dream.

The Milk Processor Education Program is retiring their famous "Got Milk?" slogan in favor of their new one: "Milk Life." The reason behind the change is due to a national campaign that launched Monday hoping to bring milk sales up. The California Milk Processor board has been using the "Got Milk" slogan since 1995 and while they'll still keep it for its value, they felt its was time for a change. The new tagline, "Milk Life," aims to put emphasis on the nutritional benefits of the cold dairy beverage.


Well, sayonara nostalgia.

Got Milk Ad

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