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Del Taco Offering New Breakfast Tacos with Free Hash Browns Throughout April

April 2, 2014 // 2:53 pm

For more than 30+ years, Del Taco’s held a host of unsung gems on its menu, including burgers, Go Bold secret fries, and yes, even breakfast. (Bacon egg quesadillas and steak scrambler burritos, say whaaaat?) But what if you don’t feel like hating yourself so early in the…

This California Restaurant Created a Turducken Burger and Pizza Poutine Fries

January 14, 2014 // 1:18 pm

In celebration of Irvine Restaurant Week, Southern California chain Slater’s 50/50 is testing two new over-the-top items for their menu: The Turducken Burger and the Supreme Pizza Poutine Fries. Created by Slater’s innovative chef Brad Lyons, the two items are temporarily available for the event week of January 10-16.…

Elegant Hexagonal Egg Package Might Make You Give Up Cartons

January 9, 2014 // 5:05 pm

When asked to design cheap and functional packaging to store eggs safely, Portuguese design student Gil Rodrigues took it one step further. He made something as beautiful as it is practical.

His creation is a hexagonal package for storing eggs that unrolls into a straight line of six individual…

This Is An Egg Fried Inside a Baguette and Topped With Bacon — You’re Welcome

September 6, 2013 // 1:30 pm

There are those of us who enjoy dipping our toast into a gooey mess of egg yolk in the morning, and then there are those of us who are doing it wrong (scrambled, pah!) If, however, you’re raring to take your expert fast-breaking skills to the next level, consider…

Inside-Out Egg Dessert

August 31, 2013 // 6:45 am

An inside-out egg image first appeared on food blogger Michael Natkin’s Herbivoracious blog as a troll-like piece of content back in 2009 (yeah, we’re late). Natkin led with the image and followed with a story on how he found the egg at a local Farmer’s Market where a farmer…

A Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry Exists

June 26, 2013 // 1:22 pm

Every so often, we come across of piece of not-news that is still jaw-dropping enough that we feel compelled to share it with the other five readers who haven’t heard of it yet. In today’s edition of Slowpoke!Foodbeast, we give you: The Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry.


I Don’t Even Know Anymore: Penis-Shaped Egg Molds

June 21, 2013 // 1:09 pm

The Bachelorette Party industry is really slipping. While it’s easy to understand the appeal of sucking down Screaming Orgasms oozing out of dick-shaped shot glasses, it’s a little harder to think our future husbands would appreciate experiencing a virtual circumcision every time they sit down to read the…

Abduct and Farm Precious Egg Yolks With This Glorified Egg-Shaped Vacuum

April 22, 2013 // 11:01 am

Food inventions rule. Most make our lives way easier, and are just plain ol’ awesome. Remember the Eat Me Crunchy bowl that keeps flakes from getting soggy? Life-changing. And so, to add to the never-ending list of useless but totally necessary food inventions — say hello to the…