Taco Bell's Latest Game Changers Include A Taco Shell Made With A Fried Egg

Taco Bell is known for coming up with some groundbreaking innovations that nobody else in fast food could ever dream of being possible. Their latest creation is destined to change the breakfast game forever.

Their brand new test item, the Naked Breakfast Taco, contains sausage or bacon, nacho cheese, a three cheese blend, and potatoes. Sounds like a pretty standard breakfast taco until you see the taco shell, which is literally made out of a whole fried egg.

You can even see the yolk in the taco shell. Insane.


For those of you not down with grasping a loaded, whole fried egg and chomping on it, you will have the option to "dress" this taco up with a warm Gordita shell as well.

You'll be able to get both of these options either on their own for $1.99 or as part of a combo with a coffee or medium drink with either 2 Cinnabon Delights or a hash brown for $3.99.

The Naked Breakfast Taco launches on April 18th as a test item in the Flint, Michigan area, so you'll have to head there to try this novel breakfast taco for now.


Taco Bell isn't stopping at crazy taco shells for breakfast innovation, however. They're also currently developing this Croissant Burrito, which uses croissant dough for a tortilla shell to encase your breakfast. While we weren't able do anything more than get pictures of this item, we're hoping that it comes out soon so we can try it for ourselves.

Between that and the Naked Breakfast Taco, it's clear that Taco Bell is intent on revolutionizing the breakfast game in a big way. We hope the Breakfast Taco tests well, and can't wait to see both of these breakfast items eventually come out nationwide.