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World’s Smallest Chopsticks Transforms Into a Pen

August 4, 2014 // 2:38 pm

How handy would it be to have a pair of chopsticks with you at all times for everyday situations? Sushi falling out of the sky? Boom. Chopsticks. A chow mien truck tips over? Chopsticks. Yuan Design has come up with an upgraded version of the classic chopstick…

2-In-1 Double Helix Chopsticks Cleverly Combine Into One

January 3, 2014 // 11:11 am

Japanese studio Nendo is known for creating clever food-related designs that not only make mealtime easier but also more enjoyable. Remember those chocolate paint tubes and the handy lemon wedge pouch? Well, their most recent invention comes in the form of chopsticks.


Cheetos Chopsticks

December 27, 2013 // 3:49 pm

Picthx Wondermark

Fight Hunger by Moonlight with Sailor Moon Chopsticks

November 13, 2013 // 12:48 pm

As much as we’d love to believe otherwise, there really isn’t any room in our healthy, adjusted adult lives for Sailor Moon toys. Luckily, these gorgeous Sailor Moon-inspired chopsticks by Bandai aren’t toys — they’re dining utensils!

Now you can pig out on your favorite odango (dumplings) with the…

Chopstick Straws Forever Change the Soup Game

September 11, 2013 // 8:00 am

Let’s file this under “things we’ve been waiting our whole life for.”

Being able to literally have your ramen and drink it too is a reality with these Soup Straws. Imagine chopsticks, now think of them hollowed out with an opening at each end and a series of holes…

Sorcery! These Hinged Chopsticks Transform Into a Fork & Knife

September 5, 2013 // 11:50 am

Using chopsticks as an alternative to the old fork and knife can be super impressive if you know how to handle ‘em correctly. But sometimes we want to switch over to say, a slab of steak or fried chicken, and chopsticks just aren’t gonna cut it. Literally. That’s why…

This Restaurant Has the Most Honest Chopsticks Instructions Ever

June 25, 2013 // 11:20 am

Chopsticks are fun little alternatives to the boring cutlery us average folk normally use. The thing is, this utensil can quickly become the bane of our existence. Without helpful instructional videos to help us navigate such a tricky challenge, chopsticks all-to-often induce frustration when we can only…

Apparently There’s a ‘Proper’ Way to Use Chopsticks – Here’s How [PARODY]

May 23, 2013 // 10:32 am

I was once eating out with a Japanese friend when he stopped and told me I was “using my chopsticks wrong.” Now, as a lifelong Asian-adjacent eater (we Filipinos are always told to fill out the “Pacific Islander” box, after all), this took me by surprise. Chopsticks . .

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