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Coffee Artist Makes Internet Memes in Lattes, Includes Dramatic Gopher and Lil Bub

August 20, 2014 // 1:45 pm

Michael Breach has a unique talent for coffee art. Specifcally if it involves creating famous internet memes from the foam.¬†Among these creations are the dramatic chipmunk, the adorable Boo the Pomeranian, Lil Bub and even the disgustingly popular poo emoji. Breach, in an exclusive with Fast Company, shows how…

Photographer Captures Stunning Shots of Recipe Ingredients Tossed Mid-Air

August 15, 2014 // 2:52 pm

There are two types of food photography shots I admire more than anything: Stuff getting thrown in the air (mid-cook) and capturing the drip of a sauce, yolk, or juice. Nora Luther, a Berlin-based designer, found a way to create the former in a series of recipes that looks…

Guy Makes Hilarious, Adorable, and Horrifying Faces with Everything He Eats

August 12, 2014 // 7:00 am

For anyone who’s ever told you that food shouldn’t be played with, they’ve clearly missed the delicious opportunities that artist Victor Nunes sees in his everyday meals. The artist has a penchant to create a variety of faces in his food that range from the cute to disturbing.


An Adorable Look at Fruits and Vegetables Doing Yoga

August 11, 2014 // 8:00 am

Marta Prior is an Illustration and Art teacher who lives in Barcelona. One of her specialities are illustrations done in ink and watercolor.¬†Among those illustrations is this unique, and pretty darn cute, series focusing on every day produce practicing the art of yoga. Because nothing relaxes you like seeing…

This Guy Instagrams the Awesome Things He Sees in Cheetos

July 28, 2014 // 12:59 pm

Many of you have binged on a bag of Hot Cheetos with nothing more than a second thought. Others may have eaten half a bag before noticing that a few Cheetos look like misshaped dolphins. For Instagrammer cheesecurlsofinstagram, those misshapen dolphins are more than just a simple…

Popular Foods Exposed and Repackaged in Clear Glass Bottles

July 25, 2014 // 12:34 am

Some processed foods we know and love do not necessarily look as appealing as they taste.

Tom Davie, an Oklahoma City-based mixed-media artist, decided to turn this concept into “Bottled Food” — a series of usually concealed popular food items that have been repackaged into transparent glass bottles. The…

Artist Pens Heartwarming, Illustrated Guide to Ramen

July 23, 2014 // 2:04 am

Ramen, as any aficionado knows, can be an art form. The perfect combination of chewy wheat strings, seasoned broth, and choice protein is far more than a drunchie cure; it’s a revelation, great enough to inspire poetry, love songs, and yes, some really kick-ass drawings.…

Amazing Flowering Tree Produces 40 Different Kinds of Fruit

July 22, 2014 // 12:37 pm

Welcome to the Garden of Eden, circa 2014.

Having grown up on a farm in Reading, Pa., New York artist Sam Van Aken has spent the past five years planting veritable Trees of Life all over the United States. Officially called Trees of 40 Fruit, these bountiful…

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