This 18-Foot Wide Pupusa Just Broke The Record For Being The World's Largest


There’s no arguing that pupusas are one of the best things about Salvadoran food. It’s so popular, there’s even an entire day dedicated to them.

If you’ve never experienced the Salvadoran delicacy, a pupusa is a griddle cake or flatbread that’s made with rice flour or cornmeal and filled with a variety of savory options like beans, cheese and the meat of your choice.  

According to ABC7, a team of cooks in Olocuilta, El Salvador baked a gargantuan-sized pupusa. Achieved using 500 pounds of corn flour and measuring in at 18 feet in diameter, they claim it’s a new record for the largest pupusa ever made. For their filling, they used pork, chicken, refried beans, squash, and tons of melted cheese.


To verify the claim I ran a quick search on Guinness World Records and found that the largest recorded pupusa was baked in 2015 and measured in at 14 ft. 9 in. If that’s the case, then the 18 footer easily secures the new record.

Only thing left to wonder is how many folks did it take to eat an 18 foot pupusa?

Photo: ABC7/Ivan Manzano via Storyful