15 Vintage Fast Food Commercials That Take You Back To The Good 'Ol Days

Fast food commercials have been around for decades. We remember growing up to all the classic jingles and slogans associated with the burger joints and pizza chains.

Have you ever wondered how far back fast food commercials go? We dug around and found some of the earliest television spots for 15 of the most popular fast food chains still around today.

It's crazy to see what the original Ronald McDonald looked like, or how fly the original uniforms for Dominos pizza workers were.

Check out the videos and get a glimpse into the earliest days of your favorite fast food brands.


Pizza Hut (1965)

If Night of the Living Dead director George A. Romero threw some Benny Hill into a pizza commercial, it would be this classic Pizza Hut promo from 1965. The minute-long spot features a dude getting chased for 45 seconds before any pizza shows up at all. A pretty bold move for an ad but it worked.

McDonald's (1963)

The first appearance of Ronald McDonald, McDonald's infamous mascot, will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Who would have thought the clown gets more family-friendly as time passes?

Don't think we could ever eat a Big Mac sitting next to this guy.

Burger King (1974)


Burger King probably has the best, most catchy, jingle of the old school fast food commercials. It's also uncanny how they got an actress who looks and sounds exactly like Julie Andrews' Mary Poppins.

I wonder what a Mac N' Cheetos jingle would sound like coming from this angel?

Jack in the Box (1977)

There was a time Jack, the fast food chain's iconic frontman, had not yet graced television sets. In this pre-Jack Box world, customers were sold on the brand through multiple items that went beyond the simple hamburger.

Non-burger items included breakfast sandwiches, fries, and steak sandwiches.

Wendy's (1977)

Surprisingly, Wendy's burgers still look the same today as they did in the '70s. Only a few years after this spot aired did the infamous "Where's the beef?" commercial make history.

Domino's Pizza (1978)

Before Dominos low-key became a tech company, they used to put their employees in the freshest uniforms on the block and offered free delivery.

Also, is that dude practicing Wing Chun with pizza dough?

Taco Bell (1977)


It's awesome to see that Taco Bell even did menu-item fusions since the beginning. Enchirito, anyone? If that high school jock only knew that one day he'd be able to get a burrito loaded with Cheetos.

Del Taco (1979)

Boasting four different kinds of burritos in one of their earliest spots, Del Taco's 30-second promo put a large emphasis on the California chain being "Hot Stuff."

In-N-Out (1987)

As far as far as food shots go, In-N-Out's commercial from the late '80s is probably the most food porn heavy of the batch. Though it can be argued that their Instagram game is still stuck in the '80s.

Little Caesars (1982)

Little Caesars remains to this day the best pizza spot to grab when you're strapped for time. We'd just roll in on our lunch break, grab a $5 pizza and some Crazy Bread, and crush it on the way back to work.

Pizza pizza, yo.

Sonic Drive-In (1977)

America's Drive-In hasn't changed much since this first commercial aired. Folks are still rolling in and ordering chili dogs as they sit in their vehicles and enjoy their meals.


The only difference now is instead of enjoying each others' company, we're YouTubing episodes of Arthur on our smartphones as we scarf down our food.

Subway (1977)

Before that pervert Jared Fogle was put in Subway's spotlight, the fast-casual sandwich chain would boast their giant footlong subs.

The sandwich chain's motto: "When you're hungry, make tracks for Subway."

Popeyes (1979)

Man, how'd we forget that the Louisiana Fried chicken chain had the rights to Popeye the Sailor? All we think of now when it comes to Popeyes is grabbing some spicy chicken on a Tuesday.

As my editor would say as we order boxes of fried chicken: "That Blackened Ranch sauce is crack."

Carl's Jr. (1980)

As life-long breakfast lovers, this vintage Carl's Jr. commercial left our mouths wetter than April in Seattle. The classic commercial featured up-close and wide angle shots of the fast food chain's entire breakfast menu, including a spectacular steak and eggs dish.

Dairy Queen (1960s)

This Dairy Queen commercial from the 1960s was more than likely aimed at kids fresh out of class. The half-animated promotion featured cartoon characters and glamour shots of ice cream sundaes being devoured by children.

Could use a little more color though.