Burger King Is Releasing Mac N' Cheetos And It’s Already Breaking The Internet

Update: Burger King has announced that Mac N' Cheetos will be officially released at participating locations for a limited time starting  June 27, 2016. 

Burger King has been introducing all types of new menu items lately. Grilled hot dogs recently found a home at the BK Lounge, last week we showed you exactly what a Whopperito, the combination of a Whopper and a burrito, looked like, but nothing prepared us what The King released today.

Mac N' Cheetos.


mac n cheetos 3

There's nothing quite like a giant Cheeto Puff, stuffed with warm macaroni and cheese. Burger King was silent about the drop for this menu item, and it was rumored that Southern California was the only market where BK was testing the Mac N' Cheetos. Luckily, our local Burger King in Santa Ana, Calif., had them on deck.

This combination of snack foods is straight out of a Tym Bussanich wet dream. Even though the Mac N' Cheetos are available at Burger King for a limited time, we can't wait to see the Flamin' Hot Cheetos version of this cheesy combination.