Donald Trump As A Plate Of Dumplings Is The Funniest Shit You’ll See Today

Somebody somewhere needs to come forward and take credit for this nonsense right now, because it's hilarious and I want to love you for it.

An unknown genius out there has created a website dedicated to bouncing dumplings with Donald Trump's face on them, aptly called "Trumplings." Of course, they come fully equipped with actual Trump quotes that are both completely ridiculous and depressingly real.

Fortunately for all you good people, the buck doesn't stop there. The God amongst men that created this gloriousness even gave viewers the ability to pepper in a few Sarah Palin heads here and there.


Each head you drop repeats one of her insane Trump endorsements, creating a dish so loud, American, obnoxious and ignorant that you can't help but love hating it and hate loving it.

Click here to check out the website and waste an ungodly amount of time on these "Trumplings."

Photo Credit: Trumplings