This Is What Happens When You Smoke The World's Hottest Pepper

For anyone who has heard the term "smoke that fire" or "fuego" it's typically used in regard to smoking a high-grade strain of cannabis.

Well, for the man who took a huge bong rip of the Carolina Reaper pepper, AKA the world's hottest pepper (its heat level clocks in at a lethal Scoville level of 2.2 million units), that term took on a whole new meaning.

If you want a lesson on what can happen if you test the boundaries of what should and should not be smoked out of a bong, watch and learn from the mistakes of the man who thought puffing on the Carolina Reaper was a good idea.


To be fair, YouTuber Ted Barrus, the self-describred "fire-breathing idiot" — because of his propensity to film himself eating spicy things and smoking various strains of weed — claims this is the stupidest thing he's ever done for his YouTube channel.

"I am a professional, though, when it comes to bong rips. I'm a bud tender, so uh, I have a little expertise bong ripping things." - Ted Barrus, Bong ripping Carolina Reaper man

For those who've had experience eating spicy foods, it's common knowledge that drinking water only makes things worse.

Ted made a huge mistake by chugging the water post-rip. While Ted survived the Carolina Reaper bong rip challenge, his ego might not have.

Maybe just stick to the stoner stuff next time, Ted.