This Bong Lets You Smoke and Drink at the Same Damn Time

beer bong

If you're at a party with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other, you're being insanely inefficient as there is now a bong attachment that can be used to simultaneously smoke and drink.

It's called the Knockout, and it attaches to the top of any beer bottle, allowing you to use it as a water pipe, gravity pipe, beer gravity and even shotgun.

The attachment allows air to flow through the bottle, allowing the beer to flow out more smoothly, so much so that you can chug a beer in under four seconds.

That's only half its use though, as a stainless steel tube lets you pack a bowl and fill your bottle halfway for a portable water bong.


Alright, let's get to the main feature, they call it the Knockout. That's where you can make it a beer and gravity bong at the same time. You flip the bottle over, start chugging, light it up on the other side and take a hit at the same time.

Just watch the vid and it'll make sense. But beware that it might look a little, umm, awkward. While watching the video, my publisher passed by and asked me why I was watching a fellatio tutorial.