Guy Eats Taco Bell And Superglues His Butt Shut, Results Are Predictably Disastrous [WATCH]

"Warning: You're about to witness a grown ass man drink laxatives and super glue his asshole shut."

That's the gist of this video.

YouTuber Simon Christopher recorded himself eating a bunch of Taco Bell, super-gluing his butt cheeks together, taking a laxative, then patiently awaiting the results in the bathroom.

What do you think happened? The dude had a tough time to say the least.


You immediately want to yell, "Fake!" when watching this, but The Simon Christopher Show is like a flashback, or tribute to 'Jackass', as he does asinine things for no apparent reason.

A quick scroll through his Twitter account and you get a very 'Jackass'-type feel from this guy's attitude:

Christopher's keeping the Jackass spirit alive, and I can't tell if that's good or not.