This Travel Mug Will Grind, Brew and Hold Your Coffee For You


It's hard to get a decent cup of coffee when you're roughing it. Between lugging around all the appliances, coffee beans and filters, it's kind of a hassle. Probably why most folks decide to stick with instant coffee when camping. Cafflano has developed a coffee mug that not only stores your coffee, but will also grind the beans and brew it as well.

The design for the cup allows for its multiple parts to stack together. This includes the grinder, drip kettle, filter and cup. All one would need are some fresh coffee beans and hot water.



Last year, the Cafflano tried its hand at crowd-funding. Unfortunately, it didn't quite make the cut. This year, the company tried their luck again and met their goal. Customers can get a model at The Fowndry for £64.99 ($96.90 US).

A little pricey, sure, but it should pay for itself over time.