Sushi Mosaics Are The New Mesmerizing Food Trend

Move over sushi donuts, the newest sushi trend to take Japan is a serious work of art. Literally. Mosaic sushi is the beautiful new trend that Japanese foodies are going crazy for — and we can see why.

The idea behind the trend may be simple, but the results are gorgeous. Just like you would with tiles in a traditional mosaic, sushi mosaics are created by arranging various pieces of sushi into multi-colored blocks. Simple yet brilliant.

If you don't believe us, take a look yourself at some of the hypnotizing pieces of edible sushi art that are taking over Instagram feeds everywhere. You'll quickly be convinced that sushi mosaics are the trend to trump all trends.

Mosaic Sushi 1
Photo:  @bigmom10


We love the woven cucumber on the sushi pieces in this mosaic, created by Japanese food blogger @bigmom10 (also, amazing Insta handle, just saying).

Mosaic Sushi 3

The decorations on these sushi pieces are so meticulously done by blogger @chinamisakmoto and it gives this work of art some gorgeous variation. It's almost too beautiful to eat... almost.

Small Mosaic Sushi


Sushi mosaics can be made in all different shapes and sizes, as made clear by these adorable little mosaics made by blogger @tsukicook.

Mosaic Sushi 2

This one... this one is just an optical illusion. A beautiful sushi mosaic by blogger @perhotsky had us seriously staring at pieces of sushi for five straight minutes. We do not wish we had those five minutes back. They were wonderful.

We're hoping that this trend makes its way west quickly; we could drool over these delicious mosaics all day long. Want to copy the trend yourself? Check out this easy tutorial to try your hand at this raw art form.